General Questions

Who is my Learning Solutions Consultant?

To find your LSC, please go to our Rep Locator. http://replocator.nelson.com

What does “estimated cost to student” mean?

This is the price your students will pay for the book, based on a standard 20% bookstore markup. If your bookstore markup is more than 20%, the book may be more expensive.

How many copies of the book do I need to have printed in order to submit a request?

Our minimum printing is 50; 30 copies for reprints. If you have fewer than 50 students in your class, but intend to use the book over two consecutive semesters, we can accommodate this.

How long does it take to get books in the bookstore?

From the time we receive the order from the bookstore, it takes approximately 4-6 weeks, depending on the project. Special bindings, such as spiral binding, take 6-8 weeks.

When do I have to decide on my custom in order to have it arrive in time for my class start?

We print your book when we receive the order from your bookstore. In order to have books arrive in time for classes, your bookstore must place an order by the following dates:

For fall classes15 July
For winter classes20 November
For spring/summer classes15 March

What if I want to use this custom book during another semester?

If you want to use the book without changes, please give your bookstore the ISBN before the custom deadline (see above) and we’ll reprint it as soon as we receive the order.

If you want to make changes to your custom, go to your library, locate the book you wish to make changes to, and click "Duplicate". The existing title will be loaded into the Build panel, where you can edit and rearrange the content.

A book I am interested in is not on the site, but it is a Nelson or Cengage title. Can I still get it?

Please contact your LSC or one of our custom team members at nelson.custompublishing@nelson.com and we’ll be happy to investigate.

Can I upload my own cover?

Not at this time. We have a selection of covers for you to choose from.

Can I have desk copies shipped directly to me?

Yes. Your Learning Solutions Consultant will use the ISBN generated by Compose to enter your desk copy order and have those shipped directly to you. These will arrive 4-6 weeks after your bookstore has placed the main order.

How do I package a digital component?

If you would like to package digital homework with your custom, please speak to your Learning Solutions Consultant. They will give you a bundle ISBN, which your bookstore can use to order the complete package.

What if I want to customize the digital homework that comes with my book?

Please speak to your Learning Solutions Consultant or one of our custom team members nelson.custompublishing@nelson.com. We’re happy to create custom digital products, but enrolment minimums will apply.

Using Compose

Do I need to be logged in to search?

No. You can search our database and see all of our content without being logged in. However, to see chapter-level content, preview content, see pricing, and build books, you must be logged in.

How do I register?

Click "Sign In/Register" from the top-level menu and fill in the form. The system will give you temporary access so that you can start building your custom right away while we verify your status and email.

How do I view chapters?

To view individual chapters, click on the magnifying glass icon beside the chapter title.

How do I add content?

To add a chapter or other piece of content, simply click the “Add this Chapter” button directly below the content you want to add. You can also drag and drop the chapter to the Build panel, which is the right-hand panel.

How do I rearrange the chapters?

You can drag and drop the content in the Build panel to rearrange chapters. You can also use the up, down, and X buttons beside each chapter to edit.

How do I upload my own content?

From the first build panel screen, click "upload my content" to upload your own files and add them to your custom book.

How do I mix two or more books?

Select the first book you want to choose content from and load the chapters you are interested in. Then search for the next title you want to choose content from. Once its chapter are displayed, you can continue adding content by using the “Add this Chapter” button or by dragging and dropping. The new selections will appear directly below the list of previously selected content. Use the up and down arrows to move the chapter location, or simply drag the chapter to the place you want it to appear.

How do I choose a cover?

Once you're finished selecting content, use the "next" button to advance to the next screen. You can select a cover from our library by clicking on “select cover” or the magnifying glass icon on the left-hand panel. A gallery of cover images will appear along the bottom of the screen.

What happens when I press "PUBLISH"?

Once you press "PUBLISH", your book is moved to our production queue. One of our custom team members is notified. They will review your order, then contact you to discuss and confirm. As soon as we receive an order from your bookstore, we print your books.

How do I share the book I’ve build with my colleague who is teaching the course with me?

Go to your library using the top-level menu. Each project has a "Share my book" link at the bottom. Enter your colleagues’ email address(es), a message if you’d like, and click send. They will receive an email with a link to the digital proof of your project so that they can preview it. They cannot, however, edit or download it.